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High Speed Internet Lehi Utah


High Surf Broadband is located in Lehi, Utah.  We opened our doors for business with one goal in mind - SPEED!  And as much as possible for a small company to provide to its customers.  Today we offer up to 30 Mbps for our users, with most users receiving a minimum of 20 Mbps.  Our most popular package of 20 Mbps for $29.95 means that we have the fastest broadband for the money - GUARANTEED! 


We do this by limiting the area that we offer services.  While our footprint may be small, we think that our impact is huge on our customers and our competitors.  Our promise to our customers is that we will never grow larger than our ability to give them consistent speeds and excellent customer service.


We get asked a lot about how we do it.  While we won't reveal all of our secrets, we can say that keeping the network area small has its advantages.  Most service providers try and extend their reach as far as possible to get as many clients as they can.  While this makes it possible to get service to everyone, no one gets great service.  We focus on targeting neighborhoods.  In each small neighborhood, we make sure that signal levels are strong and then sign up a few people by advertising.  Rarely do we actually do an advertising campaign to expand our services into more and more homes.  Rather, we wait for our customers to be happy with their service, and then talk to their neighbors around them to let them know how good it is.  We make a promise to our customers, however, that we will never add a new customer in an area without making sure we have enough bandwidth so their own service won't slow down.  After all, who would want to refer someone if it would just slow down their own service.

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